Best Brazilian Restaurant.

Mr. Ribs restaurant.

Located in Stratford east London, Mr. Ribs restaurant opened in 2016 and since then has prided itself in serving outstanding presentations of the classics of Minas Gerais Brazilian culinary tradition.

For those willing to plunge into the rich tastes of Brazilian cookery the range of tasty is vast. And this why we can say the best Brazilian restaurant in London is here.

Focusing in on Fresh Ingredients.

When Brazilians talk food, they’ll usually tell you the gaúchos in the South are the best at beef and Paulistanos are the best at pizza and everything gourmet. But the Mineiros, as the people of Minas Gerais are known are the best at pretty much everything they do in a kitchen.
How fresh ingredients are can play a factor in the taste of food.
Mr. Ribs restaurant has a place in Brazilians’ hearts as the home of the mineiro’s comfort food.
The ingredients are very fresh. Fresh food tastes better, our customers love to savour the genuine wholesomeness that comes from our fresh ingredients.

What to find in the restaurant.

Homemade and typical Brazilian dishes.
Acai, Guarana, juices, coxinha, cakes and much more. See the Menu.